Friday, September 5, 2008

GWT Designer 5.1 to support Google Web Toolkit Version 1.5

I have not used the GWT designer to develop GWT applications but it is good to see that they have updated this tool to work with GWT version 1.5. For more information on the latest verions of GWT Designer click here.


Unknown said...

Hi Jim --

Just thought you'd like to know about my new GWT site:

We had a bit of trouble running GWT 1.5 on our X Serve, otherwise development was a dream come true.

Take care!


oh, and our press release announcing the site is here:

Jim said...

It is always nice to see more sites popping up using GWT. I have been using GWT for over two years now for business web applications and absolutely love GWT + tomcat. You can do some amazing things with a little work.