Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Calling all GWT web sites!

I would love to hear from anyone currently using GWT for a web site or anyone that is in the process or using GWT for a new web site. Please post comments here with your site address and description. If you really feel nice you can also add in all the other libraries or technologies that you incorporated in building your GWT powered site. BTW - my favorite GWT combination is GWT 1.5 + GWT Incubator + Eclipse + Apache Tomcat 5.5



Jason Carver said...

I'm working on a startup that is using GWT with a Python back end, so we are using GWT 1.5, Eclipse, PyDev, Apache and mod_python. The GWT/Python interface options were immature, so we have a homegrown solution for now. Sorry I can't include the address, as we are still in stealth (very soon though!).

Jim said...

I would love your web address and details after you are ready to share more details. Best of luck with your current project.

Jason Carver said...

Hi Hathaway, we have been busy and I'd be happy to share more about my project.

Our company (and service) is called Slique, and we provide a news feed of everything going on in your group, from emails to file updates, to wiki article changes. It effectively consolidates all your information sources for the group into one interface.

So far, most of our clients are MIT engineering labs and other startups in the boston area.

As for GWT, we are transitioning to GWT 2 right now (compiled from trunk). We decided to endure the risk of unstable GWT code, because of all the great features previewed at the Google I/O conference. (like Story of your compile, out of process hosted mode, and split points...)

We are at slique.com if you want to check us out.

Jim said...

Thanks for checking in. I would still love to hear from other sites out there!

Heidarzadeh said...

Hi we are building an enterprise portal using GWT which is completely based on GWT.

Jim said...

It is nice to see there are more GWT projects out there. I primarily use GWT to develop custom web sites that are used internally at the company I work for.