Thursday, December 10, 2009

Upgrading GWT code from version 1.7 to version 2.0

I have already starting converting several of my GWT apps from older version of GWT to version 2.0.  According to this link the steps are as follows.

There are 3 tasks involved when upgrading a GWT 1.7 project to a GWT 2.0 project:
  • Download GWT 2.0 and update your launch configurations
  • HostedMode has been replaced by DevMode, so you will need to update your Eclipse project settings accordingly.
  • Tests now run in HtmlUnit by default. You will need to modify some of your tests to work with HtmlUnit.

So far I have not run into any issues with upgrading.  As of this post I have not seen any mention of a GWT 2.0 Incubator file, but my apps seem happy with the older version gwt-incubator-july-14-2009.jar.  I have seen several warnings however while compiling with this version such as:

         [WARN] Line 102: Referencing deprecated class ''
         [WARN] Line 103: Referencing deprecated class ''
         [WARN] Line 104: Referencing deprecated class ''
         [WARN] Line 104: Referencing deprecated class ''


Unknown said...

I've had exactly the same issue with incubator. I even tried compiling the latest version from subversion, but it has the same problem.

It's the main reason that I haven't upgraded to GWT 2.0 yet, actually.

Jim said...

I have started tracking the Incubator project, so hopefully once there is a 2.0 version of Incubator I can help get the word out.

Jim said...

Incubator drop for GWT 2.0 is here.