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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Latest Trunk Build of GWT Available Now

Often I find that waiting for the next build of GWT just takes too long.  Well this is not really true, builds of GWT come out as quickly as the GWT team can produce them.

So what if you are looking for the latest trunk build of GWT?  You can always build your own copy by checking out the source, checking out the tools, installing Apache Ant and then compiling the GWT code yourself as found here.  One thing about compiling it yourself is that it takes a while to complete, like upwards of an hour.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to start using Hudson to automatically build some of my GWT projects, then the though occurred to me that I could also use Hudson to build the latest trunk of GWT when there there is a source code change and then post the resulting output file.

As of today I am happy to share that you can download the latest GWT Trunk from my google code project. The project name is horrible as it does not have anything to do with GWT, but if you are looking for the latest GWT trunk build I am sure you can look past the poor project name.
If you would like to watch for the latest build via RSS you can use this feed here to watch for the latest trunk build.

Remember trunk builds of GWT are probably not something you want to move into a production environment, but sometimes you need the latest GWT build.

Quick Links:
My Google code project download section (get GWT trunk builds here).
RSS feed of the latest GWT trunk builds.