Thursday, September 8, 2011

GWT 2.4.0 Release

Looks like it is time to upgrade GWT again. Version 2.4 of GWT is now available. See the release notes below:

Google Web Toolkit Release Notes:

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GAE/GWT Book: Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development

Daniel Guermeur asked me to share some information on this new GAE/GWT book.

As you might know from my GWT blog post about hosting GWT apps you can deploy your app to a simple servlet container like Tomcat.  Recently Google App Engine started supporting GWT applications for deployment, so this gives you the ability to use Google's massive infrastructure to deploy your GWT application.  There are some things that you will need to do differently however when deploying to GAE vs a standard servlet container, and the book 
Google App Engine Java and GWT Application Development is there to help you though the process of building your GWT application and deploying it to Google App Engine.  Through the different chapters of the book you will follow the authors as they build and deploy their GWT app Connectr.

To get a feel for what to expect with this book you can download Chapter 9 - Robustness and Scalability: Transactions, Memcache,and Datastore Design - for free!

Along with the free chapter 9 content you also will find:
  • An overview of what the book covers
  • A listing of the chapters found in the book with information on what topics will be covered
  • A section introducing the two authors Daniel Guermeur and Amy Unru
You can also find a nice description of the book and its chapters here if you prefer not to download the PDF file of chapter 9.

The book is now available for order now from

Amazon Reviews for this book
Use the Connectr App found in the book.

If you already have this book you can also
download the code from Packt.  Enter in your email address and you will receive a link to download link for the Connectr App source as found in the book.  For those of you who are interested Connectr source code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

The Authors blog can be found here
 where you will find code updates and errata when they become available. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

GWT browser plugin for Chrome under Mac and Linux now available

Chrome Developer plugins are now available on Linux and Mac.  See this post for more information on this new feature.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free online GWT/GAE Book

If you are looking for a great source on developing with the Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine check out this free online book. Link is below.
gwt-gae-book - Project Hosting on Google Code

Thursday, October 28, 2010

GWT 2.1 Released, download now

See what is new with Version 2.1 of GWT.
Download GWT 2.1.
You can also download the latest version of GWT using the download links on the right hand of this page ->

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Latest Trunk Build of GWT Available Now

Often I find that waiting for the next build of GWT just takes too long.  Well this is not really true, builds of GWT come out as quickly as the GWT team can produce them.

So what if you are looking for the latest trunk build of GWT?  You can always build your own copy by checking out the source, checking out the tools, installing Apache Ant and then compiling the GWT code yourself as found here.  One thing about compiling it yourself is that it takes a while to complete, like upwards of an hour.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to start using Hudson to automatically build some of my GWT projects, then the though occurred to me that I could also use Hudson to build the latest trunk of GWT when there there is a source code change and then post the resulting output file.

As of today I am happy to share that you can download the latest GWT Trunk from my google code project. The project name is horrible as it does not have anything to do with GWT, but if you are looking for the latest GWT trunk build I am sure you can look past the poor project name.
If you would like to watch for the latest build via RSS you can use this feed here to watch for the latest trunk build.

Remember trunk builds of GWT are probably not something you want to move into a production environment, but sometimes you need the latest GWT build.

Quick Links:
My Google code project download section (get GWT trunk builds here).
RSS feed of the latest GWT trunk builds.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Instantiations purchased by Google

According to the Instantiations web site they have been purchased by Google.  Here is a little info from their site:

We’re excited to announce that Instantiations is now part of Google!
Yes it’s true. Instantiations’ award-winning Java and Ajax development tools and our incredible Eclipse team have been acquired by Google. We are all very excited about taking our technology and team to the next level - and there is no bigger step up than Google!........

They also said that you should watch the official GWT blog for more information and I assume an official announcement from Google.
Google Web Toolkit Blog